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Filmhub allows filmmakers to upload your film for free, while streaming channels discover, order, and stream your work - worldwide.

Once revenue starts flowing, 80% goes to you. No deductions or fees. That's it.

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No upfront fee. Free listing, asset processing and delivery.

No gatekeeper. Access for all filmmakers. No "application" - just upload.

Keep your rights. Non-exclusive, cancel anytime.

Get paid, and fast. Transparent reporting, auditing, consolidated payments.

Discovery. Predictive analytics help what to promote and when.

Scale and reach. Cloud handles a global partner network and a massive catalog.

Technology. A modern B2B tech marketplace takes the entire film distribution online.

Fanatical quality. Rigorous QC, consistent delivery. Tech makes streaming services love us.

Beyond film. TV, docs, digital first, family… Any format, genre, language.

Filmhub Enterprise

Sales agents, distributors, indie studios: use our cloud service to release your content in streaming services worldwide.

Monetize dormant assets. Fill your distribution gaps. Carve out territories already sold. Deliver to your own channels and ours.

Our cloud technology does all the complicated technical work. Consolidated tracking, collection, accounting, short lead times all included. We are scalable to infinite catalog sizes.

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Carve out territories with fine-grained control

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Set release dates for different business models

Set release dates for different business models