Less than 1% get distribution

Less than 1% get distribution

Change the story.

Stream your film and show everywhere. Own everything. Pay nothing.

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Taking the entire film distribution process online

Our data-driven platform helps independent films get worldwide streaming release. We take no rights, charge no fees, provide transparent analytics and much better rates than the traditional industry.


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Go where audiences are

Release worldwide on many streaming platforms. Reach engaged buyers. Get new audiences. Reduce dependency risks on few majors.

For filmmakers

The first marketplace for all filmmakers and streaming services worldwide

No application needed - all creators and producers now have access to the worldwide distribution market. Streaming service buyers from all over the world discover your great content on the largest online platform for film, TV & other professional content. Securely store all your assets in the cloud. Promote and create digital revenue around the world.

For catalog owners

Pay $0 to manage & distribute your titles in the cloud - whether 10 or 10000

Distributors, sales agents, production companies and other catalog owners can now upload the whole catalog and distribute to our long list of digital partners - and to their own. Manage assets, rights and metadata. Fill all territory gaps. Focus solely on promoting your clients’ titles, building relationships with content owners & video services, without upfront investment and technical concerns.

For streaming channels

Smart discovery and instant delivery from the largest distribution platform

The first market network of global film, TV & vertical content to refresh any catalog. Smart, data driven tools and predictive analytics help you select. Immediate and consistent delivery from the cloud.

Our proven track record with majors like Amazon and Hulu gives you confidence that Filmhub’s hassle-free process can be seamlessly integrated with your channels. We radically simplify dealing with your content providers.

No upfront fee. Free listing, asset processing and delivery.

No gatekeeper. Access for all filmmakers. No "approval" - just upload.

Keep your rights. Non-exclusive, cancel anytime.

Technology. A modern B2B tech marketplace takes the entire film distribution online.

Discovery. Predictive analytics help what to promote and when.

Scale and reach. Cloud handles a global partner network and a massive catalog.

Get paid, and fast. Transparent reporting, auditing, consolidated payments.

Fanatical quality. Rigorous QC, consistent delivery. Tech makes streaming services love us.

Beyond film. TV, docs, digital first, family… Any format, genre, language.

Creator-first pricing

Pay $0. We make money via simple revenue share: 20%. No deductions or recurring fees.

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Filmhub Enterprise

Sales agents, distributors, indie studios: use our cloud service to release your content in streaming services worldwide.

Monetize all dormant assets. Fill your distribution gaps. Carve out territories already sold. Deliver to your own channels and ours.

Our cloud technology does all the complicated technical work. Consolidated tracking, collection, accounting, short lead times all included. We are scalable to infinite catalog sizes.

Choose from no conversion cost, or a low one-time fee.

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Carve out territories and streaming services
Carve out territories with fine grained control.
Set release dates for different business models
Set release dates for different business models.