Real Time Performance Insights Now Available For Filmhub Filmmakers

December 5th, 2018 • 3 min read •

Access your titles’ performances in real time on Filmhub.

How is my film doing? With the introduction of Filmhub’s new Performance Insights, get answers quickly and anytime. Analyze how your titles perform around the world. See immediately where, when, in which language, and on which streaming channels revenue is generated.

For the first time, producers, filmmakers and catalog owners can gain consolidated insights across all digital channels and territories for all their titles. Instead of having to chase down for and combine reports from various distributors worldwide, all your performance data is now in one place, on one dashboard.

There’s no more waiting for (paper) reports or emails either. Filmhub integrates with the online backends of a growing number of streaming channels, to collect data in almost real-time wherever possible — so you see the results of your films and shows very close to when they happen.

Performance Insights also provide filtering tools, allowing drill-down into various levels of detail including territories, time periods, or specific films and shows.

Visualize performance

The Revenue graph helps you analyze how your content is performing over time. It can be used, for example, to anticipate performance trends or confirm the impact of promotional campaigns, creating short feedback loops for your marketing and planning efforts.

When combined with filters, the Revenue graph can get more specific. For example, if you want to see how your second film performed in Japan in March you can do so at a glance.

Key metrics

Performance Insights metrics give you quick access to key metrics of your titles. Quickly see how wide your titles are released, viewed, and generating revenue. Metrics are dynamically updated based on your current filter settings, so you can drill down without losing the overview.


Performance Insights’ search fields allow you to drill down into different levels of detail. Follow the performance of specific titles, or within a certain time period or territory.

Table view

You can also see your Performance as a table, either summarized by month:

or as a detailed view down to the individual view:

The film industry data layer

With our large and rapidly growing network of virtually every streaming channel in the world, Filmhub gains unique insights into video streaming habits. With this information, we know what to promote, where and when — and we make this information accessible to every creator. Performance Insights is just one step within the Filmhub vision: to provide the missing data layer for filmmakers and the film industry.

Combining powerful tools and worldwide, deep data, we open access to a world previously locked up by the studio system — and taking it beyond, for every filmmaker, producer or catalog owner.

Filmhub is made for filmmakers by filmmakers (and technology geeks). Please check out our website and share your feedback. We value your thoughts, questions and contributions.

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