Activity monitoring and streaming service profile

January 17th, 2018 • 1 min read •

Here’s a glance on a couple new features we recently added that will help you better monitor and manage your content.

See what’s happening with your title

You can now monitor what’s happening with your title after submission from both your dashboard and the activity list in the title view.

In the title list on your dashboard, we’ve added a new “Selected by” column that shows streaming services that have selected the title.

To see the full activity feed, click on a title to open the title view, then scroll down to “Activity”.

More info in our Help Center article.

Learn about our streaming service partners

We also added a list of all streaming services currently in our network, with detailed information. Select “Streaming Services” in the top menu shows you the overview.

Click on a streaming service to find more details — including their respective go live time, curation policy, and payment structure.

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