Announcing: Risk Free Listing Fixes

Alan d'Escragnolle
August 16th, 2021 • 1 min read •

Dear ​Filmmaker,

One of the hardest pieces of distribution for filmmakers is getting their assets to meet the technical standards of streaming services.

To make it easier - we’re launching a new risk-free program to help get your assets fixed that fail listing review.  This is an invite only program and selection is driven by our machine learning algorithms to pick titles that are likely to perform well.

If selected - we will email you once we are ready to fix your title and share the fixes needed as well as their associated cost.

We will take all the risk as you will not be charged up front to fix the assets, but instead will be charged against future earnings. These are titles that aren’t able to be licensed by Channels right now so this means it can only increase potential revenue for you. 

As always - if you wish to fix the title yourself you can do so and we will review at no cost.

We want to help filmmakers that are sitting on dormant titles that Channels are looking to license so you can make more money.


The Filmhub Team

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