Filmhub for Producers

Distribute your film smarter, wider, and recoup faster.

What it is

Filmhub is a film distribution platform that helps independent films get worldwide streaming release. Our data-driven platform takes the entire distribution process online. We take no rights, charge no fees, provide transparent analytics and much better rates than the traditional industry.

How it works

  • One simple upload creates title profile: videos, making-of’s, artwork, metadata, promo info, rights
  • Lean back and let sell: track promo activies as our data-driven tech market network promotes to relevant channels. Some channels also get auto-delivery.
  • Instant delivery within hours after licensing. Filmhub includes all conversion and packaging for free.
  • Track performance and streaming metrics in online dahsboards, much faster than traditional distributor reports
  • Get paid: Filmhub normalizes reports, consolidates, audits and collects royalties worldwide

Use cases

  • Independent film producers of small to medium budget films ($1m to $25m), when post is finished buyer screenings about to be scheduled, or you’re still in production
  • Production companies in all territories, previously dependent on international sales agents and exclusive distribution
  • Episodic shows, all genres and countries, use Filmhub as their “virtual distributor”
  • Many more: Filmmakers and rights holder of all kinds succeed with Filmhub

Why Filmhub

Own and control

  • Be in control: manage your content, releases, territories, pricing tiers, promotion spending
  • Open access to the worldwide video streaming market, direct, no application, no middle men, no gatekeeper
  • Earn royalties based on performance, from the first stream/rental/purchase
  • No gatekeepers: no more “little audience for this” or “doesn’t travel well”. Instead, open access to all international streaming video markets
  • In profit faster: no deductions, expenses, fees - instead the highest rates anywhere, transparent accounting, get paid from the first view
  • Be truly independent in both business and creative

Go wide

  • Guaranteed worldwide distribution via non-curated premium channels
  • Go wide on many channels reducing dependency risks on few majors; create greater and more engaged audiences
  • Augment current deals to fill all territory gaps - non-exclusive and no long-term commitment

Leverage the only technology market network

  • The whole distribution process online: while rights marketplaces mimic dated industry habits, Filmhub does away with dealmaking, transaction & conversion cost, fees, marketing deductions etc.
  • Data-driven promotion leverages machine learning, movie “DNA” technology to match to the best buyers and channels
  • Fast growth promotes your title(s) to new channels and buyers; leverage network effects