Filmhub for Independent Producers

Distribute your film smarter, wider, and recoup faster

Key benefits for indie producers

  • No middle men: Direct access to worldwide streaming market
  • In profit faster, then recurring revenue
  • Much better rates than the traditional industry
  • Paid from 1st stream on, no deductions
  • Own everything, control everything
  • $0 upfront

How it works

  • Simple upload creates digital sell sheets
  • AI promotes to buyers
  • Delivery and all processing included
  • Track performance with online charts and reports
  • Fast payments from first stream, no deductions

Own and control

  • Full control of territories, pricing, promotion
  • Open access to global streaming, no gatekeepers
  • In profit faster: no deductions or fees
  • Much better rates than the traditional distribution industry
  • Be truly independent in both business and creative

Go wide

  • Guaranteed worldwide distribution via non-curated premium channels
  • Go wide on many channels reducing dependency risks on few majors; create greater and more engaged audiences
  • Augment current deals to fill all territory gaps - non-exclusive and no long-term commitment

New-gen distribution

  • The whole distribution process online: unlike rights markets, Filmhub does away with opaque deals and deductions
  • Data-driven promotion leverages machine learning, movie “DNA” technology matches to the best channels
  • Transparency with online tracking, analytics, charts and payments
  • Fast growth gets your titles to always new channels and buyers, leveraging network effects

About Filmhub

Filmhub’s data-driven platform takes the entire distribution process online. We take no rights, charge no fees, provide transparent analytics and much better rates than the traditional industry.


200+ global streaming deals incl. Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, Linear IP, OTT; constantly growing

140+ countries - US, China, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America+

Silicon Valley funded, Hollywood based


First 100% tech distribution platform

Global, proprietary cloud infrastructure

AI data-driven sales