Filmhub for China IP Rights Holders

Large scale, global IP catalog monetization

Value proposition

Stream China TV & film IP in 200+ major Western streaming channels

Auto-create Amazon channels

High volume recurring royalties

No cost – Technology based - Large scale

Who is Filmhub?

  • Large scale online film & TV IP distribution platform
  • 200+ established streaming deals incl. Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, Rakuten, Sinclair Broadcasting+
  • 140+ countries - US, Europe, Africa, South America+
  • Silicon Valley funded, Hollywood based, fast growing


  • First 100% tech distribution platform
  • Global, proprietary cloud infrastructure
  • Massive scale, capable of millions of hours of content
  • AI data-driven sales


  • Encrypted asset vaults
  • Compliant: MPAA, PCI, ISO 9001/27001/27017, GDPR, …
  • Data privacy for regulated industries

Benefits for China IP

  • Distribution to 200+ Western streaming channels
  • Auto-publish Amazon channels
  • 100% tech - we do everything for you
  • Flexible: Keep ownership, Non-exclusive, No long-term contracts

Royalties at scale

  • Recurring revenue, growing, at high volume
  • Access to billions of Western viewers
  • Much better rates than traditional industry
  • Paid fast, from 1st stream, no deductions, transparent
  • Consolidated collection, auditing, disbursement

Low cost

  • $0 upfront fees
  • Technology enables ultra low cost
  • Completely free operations (asset ingest, processing, packaging, delivery etc.)