We're building sophisticated technology to change the way a whole industry works. Free the film with us.


We are taking the entire film distribution process online. For that, we're building web applications in the cloud, using latest cutting-edge technologies for cloud services, frontend, video processing, and machine learning.


Filmhub is well funded by Silicon Valley investors, and co-founded by a Hollywood veteran (Pirates of the Caribbean). We offer the perks of the big guys without the corporate feel. Join our great team.


  • Competitive Pay
  • Flexible hours
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Remote-first
  • Free Mac or Linux laptop
  • $200/year book budget
  • $2000/year training classes
  • Disrupt the glamorous Hollywood industry
  • Opportunity to grow

We're currently hiring in these positions:

Video Engineer (DevOps)

Administer and tune the Filmhub cloud technology to configure, package and transfer TV and movie deliverables to Video Streaming Platforms.

Content Operations Technician (Contract)

You’re a post production tech whiz? Get out of your dark backroom and join us. You’ll be keeping our quality standards high and users happy. If video codecs, extreme attention to detail, and great communication skills are in your DNA, read on.

Web Developer

Build the premier marketplace web app for the film industry. You’ll be working on the web backend and frontend, the cloud infrastructure and video processing backends. If you’re familiar with React, Serverless, Rails and have a passion for movies, this is for you.