Streaming video deals need no deductions

Klaus Badelt
December 7th, 2019 • 2 min read •

With digital streaming, the cost of distribution should approach zero — especially when compared to the physical era of DVD, theaters, satellite and cable.

Yet, we at Filmhub increasingly have “retailers” — i.e. streaming platforms — trying to squeeze in deductions off the top. “Cost” for “telco”, “marketing”, “technical” are to come off before a filmmaker’s share is even calculated.

This would get filmmakers a fraction of what consumers originally pay. Sounds familiar? Yes, this reminds us of the old industry, when DVDs had to be pressed and trucked to brick-and-mortar retailers around the country. That was expensive. Only today, none of this is necessary. Why should filmmakers have similar “expenses” deducted from their share? It should be different now.

Filmhub’s goal is fast growth to build massive audiences for independent filmmakers.

A multi-channel distribution strategy is key for the entrepreneur producer. Our focus is on expanding in as many territories and streaming channels as there are. But, for the first time in our young startup, we’re ready to turn down channels in the accreditation process for deal term reasons.

Filmmakers and producers are the most underrepresented, yet without doubt most important class in the filmmaking process. With these off-the-top so-called expenses, industry players are yet again trying to dictate the game. Only this time around, they really have no valid reason. Creators are about to be exploited again.

Video streaming should democratize the film industry. Filmhub is vigorously fighting for filmmakers interests. We’ll keep you posted on this topic of shifting terms. Filmmakers can help: Join Filmhub.

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