8 Foreign Horror Films to Stream Now

Keju Luo
October 19th, 2021 • 5 min read •

Horror films are having a moment. Modern-day classics such as Get Out and Hereditary are finding success as box-office hits and critical darlings. As filmmakers working in the horror genre continue successfully breaking down the barriers between commercial and art cinema, we’re seeing more and more terrifying films that challenge audiences without losing mainstream appeal. In the spirit of Halloween, we selected nine horror flicks on Filmhub. Set across various decades and four continents, you can stream them now.



Directed by Erlingur Thoroddsen / Horror / 2017 / 111 mins / Iceland

Synopsis: Gunnar receives a distraught phone call from his ex and drives up to a secluded cabin to see him. He discovers that there’s more going on than he imagined and the two find that they are haunted by someone – or something.

What makes it special: A gay-centric horror-thriller shot against the backdrop of Iceland’s stark and magnificent landscapes. One of Icelandic cinema’s rising stars, Thoroddsen took a Hitchcockian approach to tell an intimate story about a broken relationship in his second feature film.

Where to stream it: Plex / Filmocracy

Is That You?

Is That You?

Directed by Rudy Riverón Sánchez / Horror / 2018 / 107 mins / United Kingdom, Cuba

Synopsis: When a teen’s tyrannical father disappears, she uses a psychic’s ritual to bring him back but instead uncovers the disturbing truth behind his disappearance.

What makes it special: The first psychological horror film made in Cuba is surprisingly slow-paced and sparse in dialogues, and doesn’t resort to typical horror elements. Cuban native Riverón Sánchez’s debut rewards patient viewers with a story far more disturbing than it appears at first.

Where to stream it: Plex

Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Directed by César Ducasse, Mathieu Peteul / Horror / 2010 / 95 mins / Norway

Synopsis: A revengeful father embarks on a dark thrill ride of lost memories, conspiracy, and zombie-like symptoms. Finding the mysterious darkness within is the source of the bizarre world he has uncovered.

What makes it special: A gritty and eerie nordic hit and a fresh take on the zombie genre. Marvelously shot on 16 mm film with brilliant practical effects, Dark Souls offers both a psychological slow burn and in-your-face gory goodness.

Where to stream it: Xumo / Overdrive

Tokyo Grand Guignol

Tokyo Grand Guignol

Directed by Nicolas Alberny, Yann Moreau, Gilles Landucci, Francois Gaillard / Horror / 2017 / 115 mins / Japan

Synopsis: Blood, werewolf, lust, time travel, shadow hunter, Giallo, love, and insanity. Four scary and wicked stories for a feature film anthology gathered under the lights of Tokyo nights.

What makes it special: A love letter to the city of Tokyo and the great Japanese horror traditions from four upcoming French directors. All 4 stories are highly original and executed with true passion and precision.

Where to stream it: Tubi / Plex

KL24: Zombies

KL24: Zombies

Directed by James Lee, Gavin Yap, Shamaine Othman / Horror / 2016 / 76 mins / Malaysia

Synopsis: A flu-like infection has taken over Kuala Lumpur which turns into a zombie outbreak as we follow three intersecting stories of the survivors fleeing for safety.

What makes it special: We’ve featured Malaysian director Jame Lee’s arthouse gem The Beautiful Washing Machine in 7 Summertime Films, and here’s the same director pulling off something worlds away. Co-directed with Gavin Yap and Shamaine Othman and featuring iconic singer-songwriter and actor Pete Teo, KL24: Zombies is a rare Asian zombie comedy flick that hits all the right notes.

Where to stream it: Amazon / Tubi

3 Doors of Horrors

3 Doors of Horrors

Directed by Leroy Low, Ken Kin Ng, Edmund Yeo / Documentary / 2014 / 68 mins / Malaysia

Synopsis: 3 winning shorts from an online horror contest - I Miss You Two, Floating Sun, and Horror Mission.

What makes it special: James Lee launched this project in 2013 - each year his production company Doghouse 73 help 3 young local directors make their horror shorts and launch them right on YouTube for the Chinese hungry ghost festival. Here’s the wicked trio from the first year. You can also watch 2014 and 2015’s selections on YouTube.

Where to stream it: Screambox

Dark Seed

Dark Seed

Directed by Michael Chuah / Drama / 2006 / 102 mins / Malaysia

Synopsis: Dark Seed weaves a spooky tale of the life of a single mother by choice who decides to undergo an “in-vitro” fertilization (IVF) process to have her child of her own. Seven years later, she moves into a new apartment and her child begins to behave oddly.

What makes it special: A decade before Malaysian and Indonesian horror films start making waves internationally, came this local box office hit that delivered solid old-fashioned supernatural horror - something that never gets old.

Where to stream it: Amazon

Ghetto Goblin

Ghetto Goblin

Directed by Jordan Harland / Horror / 2013 / 72 mins / South Africa

Synopsis: A South African creature horror centering around attacks by the fabled Tokoloshe.

What makes it special: Originally titled Blood Tokoloshe, this groundbreaking South African film revived the mythical creature from Zulu mythology with B movie aesthetics.

Where to stream it: Amazon / Plex

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