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Test 2

Last update: 27 Apr 2014    Subtitles  Captions  International 

Should you invest in other language subtitles for your film? e.g. Spanish subtitles for your English language thriller? Or Japanese subtitles for a documentary on kids who play golf? The answer is an emphatic Yes. We just inked a deal with a major Spanish VoD outlet. They want either Spanish dialog films – or at least movies with Spanish subtitles. And in December we signed a deal for VoD distribution in Japan. And another one in Germany, although in Deutschland they prefer audio dubs…über expensive. Anyway, try to make your film eligible for global, multi-language distribution. Obviously, getting your film subtitled in a second language is way pricier than simple English CC. It’s 10x more work, requiring dual-language expertise, and 10x more expensive. Figure $1000 for foreign subtitles done properly. Worth it? We think so. And you can always dip your toes in the water by subtitling your trailer first…and then promoting to the target territory to judge the