Your direct pipeline to Amazon Instant Video

Amazon officially partners with Kinonation to provide a fast, efficient, self-service pipeline for Catalog Owners to exploit film, TV & episodic content on global Amazon Instant Video & Amazon Prime. No upfront cost + no term contract = zero risk.

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The Process

4 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for free in 2 minutes.
  2. Upload your video titles. Big catalog? Send hard drive(s).
  3. Enter metadata & upload artwork for your titles
  4. Select VOD platforms, territories, release dates

Note: you can also select other VOD platforms like Hulu, Google Play, M-GO, no extra cost.

The Deal

Simple Revenue Share. No Hidden Charges.

We think we should only make money when your content makes money. Which is why we have no up-front or hidden charges. No processing or encoding fees. Just a simple sliding scale of revenue share based on volume of content.

We're cloud-based, fully automated and efficient. Which is why we can offer the lowest rates -- and highest speed to market.

Number of titles Your Royalty Share
1 – 40 80%
41 – 100 85%
101 – 500 87.5%
501+ 90%

Amazon Global

Exploit content worldwide

Kinonation is working with Amazon to enable you to exploit your film/TV/episodic catalog not just in the United States, but also on Amazon VOD platforms globally. e.g. UK, Germany, Japan. Your content will flow to the Amazon global platforms you choose, along with the required localization metadata (subtitles, poster art, description, alternate title, etc.) This is a great opportunity to exploit your content globally.

Amazon DVD

Still a big market

While the retail DVD market is declining in some sectors, it's still a valuble revenue stream for your film or episodic content. We're working with Amazon to enable you to select Amazon DVD as a distribution option when you use Kinonation to get your content onto Amazon Instant Video or Amazon Prime. This will allow you to create DVD cover artwork & text, plus DVD disk art as required.